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We can help you find, access and utilise natural water

Since 1995, Phi’on Chief Scientist Robert Gourlay has located more than 5000 groundwater bores, with a success rate over 90 per cent. Robert’s impressive results are achieved by combining the company’s unique and award-winning spatial mapping technology with his skill as a water diviner (or dowser).

Mapping methodology
Example maps
Bore drilling advice

More than 25 years experience providing groundwater site selection

Named by Dowsers Society of NSW as 2020 Master Dowser, Robert has more than 25 years’ experience providing professional expertise in groundwater exploration, a service that has drought-proofed many farming enterprises across Australia.

Robert has used his expertise to locate groundwater on properties ranging from two hectares to 400,000 hectares for a diverse mix of clients including farmers, mining enterprises, regional governments, large-scale food producers, and Aboriginal land caretakers.

Locate bore sites with the highest probability of deep and secure water supply

Maps produced for groundwater exploration, detail the land’s magnetics, gravity, elevation and radiometrics (gamma‑ray spectrometry).

These maps are used to locate bore sites with the highest probability of deep and secure water supply. Reports are prepared based on an assessment of water-bearing zone depths, volumes, and water quality.
The use of remotely sensed data (airborne geophysical, satellite, etc.) allows Robert to provide groundwater and other land resource assessments all over the world.

Unique mapping technology to develop practical, innovative solutions

Robert’s unique mapping technology can also be used for land planning and management by assessing soil conditions, native vegetation, crop condition, previous land use, irrigation application, and risks associated with frost, fire, flood, and salinity.

Robert has worked with individuals, governments, business, and community groups to maximise the outcomes for agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, forestry, regional and urban development, corporate land management, mineral exploration, and enterprise site selection.

He aims to develop practical, innovative solutions using cost-effective technologies to deliver desired business and community outcomes. He also works with each client to develop their ability to apply the information gained from the assessment.

Resource mapping, combined with Phi’on’s world-leading microbial/biological formulations and Robert’s patented water restructuring devices, has revolutionised water and food security, resulting in improved business viability and resilience.

We develop practical, innovative solutions using cost-effective technologies